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pacinfo 0.1 released

Some minutes ago I have released pacinfo v0.1.

You can find the project page at Google Code:

I have also uploaded a PKGBUILD to the AUR:


  • list all installed packages
  • screenshot support (fetching from like the Ubuntu Software Center)
  • large screenshot if you click on the thumbnail
  • shows installed files of a package
  • shows some details of the package
  • full-text search in the whole package name

Report bugs and feature requests to the project page at Google Code…thanks.



pacinfo – Making progress

Just a few days after introducing pacinfo, I have made some progress in finishing the first public release. I have cleaned up the code and add new features which I wanted.

  • fetching package list and package information are completly asynchronous and doesn’t block the GUI anymore
  • ability to click on the small thumbnail and get the large version of it
  • see a progress bar for fetching package list and package information

I have no screenshots of the new feature, but you can have a look at this screencast I have made:

I think I will release the first public release this week and hosting the source code on sourceforge or similar.


Introducing pacinfo

Some days ago I had the idea to implement something useful and maybe helpful for some users out there. After some brainstorming I decided to create some kind of package information tool for pacman. I know that most of you are saying that it isn’t necessary because pacman gives you great information about your installed packages,etc. That’s right! But from time to time I don’t like to type the whole pacman command line to look for a package which is installed or which files are installed with the package. For this kind of use case I have created pacinfo.

At the moment you can see it as a 0.1 pre-pre-alpha version, it is working but there are some issues that I want to fix before the first public release. Everybody loves screenshots of new things, so here they are:

As you can see in the first screenshot, all installed packages are listed in the left list. The last screenshot shows the search feature of pacinfo. It’s a full text search and looks for the string in the whole package name. A small screenshot of the application is displayed beside the information. pacinfo is written in C#/Mono with GTK#.

Comments are welcome (criticism, feature wishes, etc.).


I think I have to make some things clearer. This is my personal project and has nothing to do with my work at Arch Linux. So this will  never get an official supported software from the Arch Linux developers!