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insight3d on Arch Linux

I love to shoot photos and everything which is related to photography. Today I have seen a tweet about insight3d and it’s looking really good. What is insight3d? Maybe you have seen photosynth from Microsoft, a tool to generate a 3D model from lots of  photos from the same object but from different points of view. insight3d is a similar tool, but it’s OpenSource and it runs under Linux. Basically it should run, but before it runs there are some issues to solve.

It runs, but it crashes all the time. Maybe someone with more knowledge about opencv can help me on this. But now the steps to compile it under (Arch) Linux.

  • download the linux package from the website and extract it to a folder you want
  • install all dependencies from the repository:
    • pkg-config
    • opencv
    • sdl
    • gtk+-2.0
    • libxml
    • lapack
    • blas
    • OpenGL library
    • ANN (from AUR)
  • download the latest version of siftfeat from and extract the contents to “<insight_dir>/insight3d/sift”. Overwrite the old version included in the insight3d package.
  • edit the included Makefile located at “<insight_dir>/insight3d/” as follows:
    • change ANN_INCLUDE to ANN_INCLUDE= -I/usr/include/ANN/
    • change g++ line to:   g++ $(DEBUG) -o insight *.o `pkg-config –libs opencv libxml-2.0 sdl gtk+-2.0` ./sift/lib/libfeat.a $(AGARLIB) -llapack -lblas -lGL -lGLU ./sba/libsba.a /usr/lib/libANN.a
  • if you are on x86_64 then you have to change into the directory “<insight_dir>/insight3d/sba/” and run “make clean” and “make”, because the library included there is for the i386 architecture
  • after doing all the steps, go to the “<insight_dir>/insight3d/” directory, and execute “make”
  • if compilation finished then you can run insight3d with “./insight3d” (or “./insight” if you compiled the SVN version

And now the problem about the crash:

Starting the application works and also loading the photos, but doing the second step according to the tutorial (PDF), and try to match the photos it crashes right after the matching with the following error:

$ ./insight
insight3d 0.3.2, 2007-2009
licensed under GNU AGPL 3

testing memory allocation … ok
extracting keypoints
[count = 2311]
[count = 2621]
[count = 2391]
[count = 2423]
matching{}OpenCV Error: Assertion failed (src.depth() == dst.depth() && src.size() == dst.size()) in cvCopy, file /build/src/OpenCV-2.1.0/src/cxcore/cxcopy.cpp, line 466
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘cv::Exception’
what():  /build/src/OpenCV-2.1.0/src/cxcore/cxcopy.cpp:466: error: (-215) src.depth() == dst.depth() && src.size() == dst.size() in function cvCopy


Is there anybody out there which can give me a hint why insight crashes? I can see that there is an error because an assertion failed, but the photos are from the example directory of insight3d and should work. Any hint on this?


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Mono 2.8 for Arch Linux

Yesterday I have uploaded the mono release 2.8 to our repository. There are some major upstream changes to this release which maybe affect you if you develop in C#/Mono. I have tried the most applications in our repository which depends on mono and found no problems in running them. Please file a bug report if you encounter a not running application.

Back to the major changes of this release. I have announced the most changes already on our public developer ML, but I will repeat it here. The following old and deprecated libraries were removed from this release:

  • ByteFX.Data
  • Mono.Data
  • Microsoft.JScript and Microsoft.Vsa
  • FirebirdSql.Data.Firebird
  • Mono.Data
  • Mono.Data.SybaseClient
  • Mono.Data.SqliteClient
  • Mono.Data.TdsClient

One of the next major changes is the new default .NET profile which is now .NET 4.0 profile. The old .NET 1.1 profile was removed and will be automatically switched to .NET 2.0 profile during runtime. But I mentioned it in my mail, normally all aplications use the .NET 2.0 profile already.

Three commands were removed: mjs, prj2make and cilc

A new garbage collector is included. The standard garbage collector is Boehm, but if you want to use the new one, just start mono with –gc=sgen or set the MONO_ENV_OPTIONS environment variable like this:

export MONO_ENV_OPTIONS="--gc=sgen"

Setting the MONO_ENV_OPTIONS is also new in this release, you can now set several options for your user and mono will apply it to all applications which runs with mono.

There are a lot more of changes, but these are the changes which will affect you most, I think. If you want to read all the changes, just have a look at the release notes.


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WindowMaker (crm) update for Arch Linux

Okay, I have announced it some time ago and now I have released a new snapshot version of WindowMaker (crm) for Arch Linux. You can find it in the [extra] repository soon (after your mirror has synced).

There were some interesting changes since the last update (which was more than a half year, sorry for that long delay). Here are the big changes for the users (in chronological order):

  • New cycling options (git-commit)
  • XRandR awareness (git-commit)
  • One new titlebar button style
  • Bouncing appicon effect
  • Option to disable clip title
  • Periodic bouncing for XUrgencyHint
  • Add menu entry for login managers

Lots of removing old and unused code, but these changes won’t be that interesting for users. So I haven’t listed them here. I have found a nice feature, which I wasn’t aware in the past. Pressing the Ctrl+WheelUP/DOWN or ALT+WheelUP/DOWN or Ctrl+Alt+WheelUP/DOWN is resizing the window under your mousepointer. Never seen this feature before, but I’m sure it was there before. 🙂

Have fun with the new version…



Playing around with kdenlive

Again I have played around with kdenlive and with my Canon HF100 camcorder. I have edit the video a little bit in kdenlive, added some effects to it. You can watch the final result here:

Moments of a ladybug from Daniel Isenmann on Vimeo.

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microblogging on

I had never thought that I will do microblogging, but Eduardo (kensai) asked me several times to join the archlinux group on Maybe I can produce some more output on than on my blog here. But to centralize my thoughts I have installed dingshow to show my posts at here on my blog.

Have fun to follow me on

EDIT:  I think I should post the address of my account ( 🙂 

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digikam as slim version

I had the problem that I don’t run KDE on my desktop, but I want use digikam as my photomanagement software. Since the update to 0.10.0 in the [extra] repository digikam depends on kdegraphics, kdepimlibs and kdebase-runtime. If you don’t run KDE that’s pretty much. So, I have created an alternativate package called digikam-slim. It only depends on the library which are necessary, these are kdelibs, libkdcraw, libkexiv2 and libkipi. Further I have created a second package called kipi-plugins-slim, which also depends only on the libraries above. So you can now use digikam without using all the stuff which comes with kdegraphics, kdebase-runtime and kdepimlibs on your non-KDE desktop.

You can found those packages on the AUR:
libkipi (
libkexiv2 (
libkdcraw (
digikam-slim (
kipi-plugins-slim (

Maybe you have to change the KDE theme or your Qt theme to fit your needs. I have set my KDE and Qt theme to GTK+.


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PKGBUILD for OpenClipart (daily version)

I have uploaded a PKGBUILD for OpenClipart (daily package) to the AUR. My other older PKGBUILD for OpenClipart targets the release 0.18 which is from 2005. This (new) version is taken from the daily snapshot of OpenClipart, so you will have a lot more and new cliparts. Today they include about 12000 new cliparts!

There is just one small negative point. The daily snapshot is not seperated in categories, so all cliparts are in one big category. I hope that the OpenClipart team will release a new version very soon, so that there will be categories with the new cliparts again.

Nevertheless, have fun with the new cliparts. If anyone knows, how to split the cliparts in seperate categories (like the old one), let me know.


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