Creating my kitchen entertainment center (Part 5)

Long time no update on this topic. But I have some good news to tell…’s nearly finished! 🙂 Just the frames around the case are missing, everything else is ready and it’s working right now in the kitchen.

The whole equipment inside the case is mounted with tape. I was really surprised how strong the tape is…really amazing. Back to the kitchen entertainment center, as you can see in the photos I have made a metal frame around the touchscreen to give them a little more polished look. The same frame will be added to all the edges of the case.

As you can see the touchscreen is mounted below the EEE 701, therefor I had to remove the keyboard from the EEE to have more cable to the screen controller, which is also mounted below the EEE. The final steps are now:

  • making the frames for the edges
  • sorting the cables with cable clips
  • mounting the kitchen entertainment center to the wall

I have made some photos of the UI, showing the main menu, digital clock and one of three possibilites during playback (the cassette is animated during playback and it’s printing the CD cover, title and artist name on the cassette).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Creating my kitchen entertainment center (Finished) « ise

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