Creating my kitchen entertainment center (Part 4)

I have received my touchscreen panel last Friday. 🙂 Luckily it has survived the long trip around the world and the next best thing is, that it works without any problems 🙂

Mounting the touchpanel

Maybe you remember that I have told to turn around the screen on the eee, that doesn’t w0rk because of the case design of the eee. Thinking about a solution I have decided to detach the screen and all necessary parts from the case because I won’t see the eee at all in my selfmade case.

But from the start. Opening the case wasn’t that easy I have thought it would be. You have to be very careful not to damage anything. In the first picture you can see the eee without the keyboard and front case. There is the motherboard at the bottom, the LCD at the top (without the touchpanel at the moment). You can see both speakers, the WLAN antenna and the webcam. I have completely detached the lid from the case and removed the LCD, LCD controller (at the bottom of the LCD) and WLAN antenna from the case. You can see that in the second picture.

The second picture shows the eee in his current state. The touchscreen panel is mounted on the LCD (you don’t see much differences, but you can see the flat cable coming from the touchpanel attached to the touchpanel controller). Everything you see will be mounted to my selfmade case (the speakers, touchpanel controller, WLAN antenna and the USB extension for the front of the case).

Some words about the touchpanel, it has some sticky tape around to stick it to the LCD. So that was very easy to accomplish. The touchscreen is only 1.1mm thick so it would fit without problems into the normal case of the eee to use it. The touchscreen controller has three optional USB connectors, one is for the webcam because you will attach the touchscreen controller to the internal USB port of the webcam on the motherboard and you have to make sure that you have activated the webcam in the BIOS otherwise you won’t have power for the touchscreen.

You can also see the skin of the running XBMC with big buttons to hit the menu without problems. On the right you see the control widget to control the playback (pause, play, next, back) and volume control. You will see this more in detail after I have completed my kitchen entertainment center, I plan to upload a video from it after I have mounted it at the wall.

Meanwhile I have lacquer my case with white high gloss color, but I have no pictures right now.

That’s all. More information soon.

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