Creating my kitchen entertainment center (Part 2)

While I’m waiting for my touchscreen I can write something about it.

The touchscreen
I have found several auctions at eBay which offers touchscreen panels for the EEE 701. My criteria for it were very easy, no soldering, not that thick (that it fits into the case of the eee) and support for Linux of course . I have decided to choose the touchscreen panel 4W-0701 from VisualTouchWorld which seems assembled by OneTouch, maybe there is some other assembler in the background again 🙂 As long as the device is running, I don’t bother about it. According to their website, they support Linux and it looks like the panel controller is supported by Linux. I have found two different drivers for that device, first the driver from the manufacturer (it’s the eGalaxTouch driver) and second the evtouch module.

Both modules seems to work, I have to check which one is the best solution and works without any problems. I will write another post about the configuration of the touchscreen panel and some pictures from mounting it to the eee. But first I have to wait one more week because it’s on the way from Hong Kong to Europe. Sadly you won’t find any reseller in Europe (especially Germany) which sell the panel, so I have to wait and you have to wait for the next article, too.

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