Customizing GNOME3

Now after GNOME3 is officially released more and more users are using it. First thing everybody realize is the non-existing tool to customize GNOME3 as you like it. Sure their is the gnome-tweak-tool but that isn’t really full of features.

I have found an interesting blog from Finnbarr P. Murphy which I want share with you:
He is explaining several topics about customizing the GNOME Shell or writing GNOME Shell extensions. Have a look at these great articles.

  1. #1 by solsTiCe on 13. April 2011 - 02:46

    • #2 by ise on 13. April 2011 - 07:40

      I mean the whole website. There are lots of good articles about GNOME3 in general, like writing your own extension,etc. Customizing GNOME3 is the specific post you have linked, that’s right.

  2. #3 by mkind on 23. May 2011 - 11:17

    danke fuer den link!
    ps. schoene fotos

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