Mono 2.8 for Arch Linux

Yesterday I have uploaded the mono release 2.8 to our repository. There are some major upstream changes to this release which maybe affect you if you develop in C#/Mono. I have tried the most applications in our repository which depends on mono and found no problems in running them. Please file a bug report if you encounter a not running application.

Back to the major changes of this release. I have announced the most changes already on our public developer ML, but I will repeat it here. The following old and deprecated libraries were removed from this release:

  • ByteFX.Data
  • Mono.Data
  • Microsoft.JScript and Microsoft.Vsa
  • FirebirdSql.Data.Firebird
  • Mono.Data
  • Mono.Data.SybaseClient
  • Mono.Data.SqliteClient
  • Mono.Data.TdsClient

One of the next major changes is the new default .NET profile which is now .NET 4.0 profile. The old .NET 1.1 profile was removed and will be automatically switched to .NET 2.0 profile during runtime. But I mentioned it in my mail, normally all aplications use the .NET 2.0 profile already.

Three commands were removed: mjs, prj2make and cilc

A new garbage collector is included. The standard garbage collector is Boehm, but if you want to use the new one, just start mono with –gc=sgen or set the MONO_ENV_OPTIONS environment variable like this:

export MONO_ENV_OPTIONS="--gc=sgen"

Setting the MONO_ENV_OPTIONS is also new in this release, you can now set several options for your user and mono will apply it to all applications which runs with mono.

There are a lot more of changes, but these are the changes which will affect you most, I think. If you want to read all the changes, just have a look at the release notes.



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