WindowMaker (crm) update for Arch Linux

Okay, I have announced it some time ago and now I have released a new snapshot version of WindowMaker (crm) for Arch Linux. You can find it in the [extra] repository soon (after your mirror has synced).

There were some interesting changes since the last update (which was more than a half year, sorry for that long delay). Here are the big changes for the users (in chronological order):

  • New cycling options (git-commit)
  • XRandR awareness (git-commit)
  • One new titlebar button style
  • Bouncing appicon effect
  • Option to disable clip title
  • Periodic bouncing for XUrgencyHint
  • Add menu entry for login managers

Lots of removing old and unused code, but these changes won’t be that interesting for users. So I haven’t listed them here. I have found a nice feature, which I wasn’t aware in the past. Pressing the Ctrl+WheelUP/DOWN or ALT+WheelUP/DOWN or Ctrl+Alt+WheelUP/DOWN is resizing the window under your mousepointer. Never seen this feature before, but I’m sure it was there before. 🙂

Have fun with the new version…



  1. #1 by mocha on 6. October 2010 - 21:41

    With this latest update of wmaker crm that you released on Arch linux I have problems with my autostart file being executed twice. Have you seen this? Here is my autostart file which was working perfectly fine before this update. Now everything is executed twice. If I rename the file, none of the apps run, so I verified that only this file is being executed at startup. Please help! Thanks.

    $ cat /home/mocha/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/autostart

    # Place applications to be executed when WindowMaker is started here.
    # This should only be used for non-X applications or applications that
    # do not support session management. Other applications should be restarted
    # by the WindowMaker session restoring mechanism. For that, you should
    # either set SaveSessionOnExit=YES or select “Save Session” in the Workspace
    # submenu of the root menu when all applications you want started are
    # running.
    # WindowMaker will wait until this script finishes, so if you run any
    # commands that take long to execute (like a xterm), put a “&” in the
    # end of the command line.
    # This file must be executable.
    xset r rate 250 30 -dpms s off &
    nvidia-settings -l &
    numlockx &
    sh -c “cd /home/mocha/ && ./” &
    trayer –widthtype request &
    parcellite &
    volwheel &
    wicd-gtk &
    thunar –daemon &
    wmclockmon &
    wmcpuload &
    wmnetload &
    wmdiskmon -p /dev/sda3 &
    conky &
    xset m 20/10 4

  2. #2 by mocha on 6. October 2010 - 22:18

    Okay, I think this is related to the xrandr changes. If I comment out “nvidia-settings -l” then everything is ok. Once I’m in windowmaker however, if I run “nvidia-settings -l” from a terminal or just run “xrandr” from a terminal, then all of my autostart programs run again. So for some reason, the xrandr changes are causing autostart to be re-executed. ??

    • #3 by ise on 7. October 2010 - 07:31

      That’s possible. What I have read about the xrandr changes is, that wmaker restarts everytime you change settings through xrandr or nvidia-settings (which uses the same technique). It’s possible that wmaker executes the autostart file again. I will post this to the dev-mailinglist of windowmaker, maybe they have a solution.

  3. #4 by mocha on 7. October 2010 - 19:01

    Thanks. Can you please e-mail me the solution or put another comment here when you hear from the devs.

    • #5 by ise on 7. October 2010 - 22:02

      This problem is specific (mostly) to nvidia graphics cards and some games, said Carlos. The only solution is to deactivate the xrandr option during compilation. You can find the commit to the git repository here:
      You can recompile the package with the help of my PKGBUILD and disable xrandr during compilation or I disable it by default for all users and release a new package which isn’t really a good solution. Hope that I can help you with this information.

  4. #6 by mocha on 8. October 2010 - 07:58

    Thanks for the info. I’ll do this tomorrow.

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