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My new home

From today I have started to host my blog on My old blog won’t be active anymore and will die slowly until I’ll take it offline. So, say hello to my new hoster đŸ™‚

I will try that my new blog will look like my old one. Maybe it take some time before everything is working 100%, so be patient. Everything will be back online on this site.

Update: It seems that I can’t include videos from vimeo or photostreams from picasa. If anyone knows how to do that, let me know. I don’t have the time right now look into the wordpress forums to find out. Thanks.



Mono, myths and the truth

I think today is blogging day at my blog. đŸ™‚ Three posts in one day, that’s a new record.

Now to the topic.

Jo Shields (aka directhex) has posted some great information and the truth about some mono myths which appears on the internet. For all mono critics and mono users/lovers out there read the blog post: Mono mythbusting, September 2010 edition

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Starting my own small photo project

8 days ago I have started my own (small) photo project. I will try to shoot one photo each day between 5pm-6pm (UTC + 01:00) from the sky above me. One week is over and I have managed it so far to shot the photos as I said. You can follow my project here:

Normally I upload the picture at the same evening, but sometimes it isn’t possible and I will upload it the other day. Here is my latest shot:

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WindowMaker (crm) update soon…

Long time no update from the windowmaker-crm-git package in [extra] from my side. I’m really sorry about that. đŸ˜¦

BUT: There were some great changes over the last months in the git trepository, so I will update the package this week and will post a small summary about the new features and changes. Look forward to it.

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