New Mono release 2.6.7 for Arch Linux and Mono wiki page

Yesterday I have uploaded the new mono 2.6.7 release for Arch Linux to our repos. New features which was added are (from the Mono release notes):

  • MVC2 is now included
  • Latest versions of:
    • Soft Debugger
    • Mono’s xbuild tool
    • LINQ to SQL binding
  • WCF client and server, the subset exposed by Silverlight 2.0
  • LLVM support, to improve performance on server/computational loads
  • Co-routine framework Mono.Tasklets
  • Latest version of LINQ to SQL using DbLinq
  • New Soft Debugger, integrated with MonoDevelop 2.2
  • Joint release with MonoDevelop 2.2.2
  • System.IO.Packaging
  • csharp shell now supports auto-completion
  • xbuild can now build most msbuild projects
  • Support for CoreCLR security:
    • Mono debuts a full metadata and IL verifier
    • Security system used by Silverlight applications, reusable for other cases.

Bugfixes can be found in the release notes.

Additionally releasing the new Mono release for Arch Linux I have updated our Mono wiki page with some more and new documentation.

Would be great if the Mono wiki page would grow a little bit more to give more information to our Mono release and integration into Arch Linux. Help to improve it and add more information to it!

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