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A day full of climbimg

The weather was great on Sunday and so we took the chance to climb outside the indoor climbing wall. We were going to our nearest climbing wall, it’s an old and unused quarry with several possibilities to climb. I have uploaded some photos to my newly created picasa account.

Klettern in Schriesheim

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The Humble Indie Bundle (pay what you want) (Update)

We all love good and extraordinary games and even more if they come from indie game studios. For all of those indie-games-lovers Wolfire Games created the “Humble Indie Bundle”. Five top indie games in one bundle and the best thing, it’s a “pay what you want” campaign. Following games are included:

While I’m writing this you have 4 days left to place your order. So, collect some coins and contribute it to get your copy of the “Humble Indie Bundle”. 🙂

Update: Now you get one more game to the Humble Indie Bundle. The new game is “Samorost 2” from the amanita design. For all those which have contributed already, you should recieve an email with this information. For all the others, there is one more reason to contribute and downlaod this bundle.


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