Good music while you are working…

Normally I’m not writing about music, but about this I have to. I started to have a deeper look at Jamendo last week and found very good artists there and the best thing about it, the music is free (CC license). At the moment there is one artist whose music is playing all the time while I’m working: Brad Sucks. He released two albums so far and this one is just great:

Support free music and maybe donate something to the artists!
  1. #1 by André Prata on 6. October 2009 - 02:04

    I have discovered the website myself a couple of years ago and found there my favourite contemporary piano composer, Rob Costlow. He’s not streaming his musi there anymore, but the website sure is a must-know.

    Brad Sucks is not really my style, but the music is really good! Let’s hope good music keeps coming in!

  2. #2 by molok on 6. October 2009 - 03:16

    I really like “I’m Wonderful” by “Purple Wonderful”, Braindance/IDM

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