Some words about WindowMaker

Sometimes I asking myself why WindowMaker disappeared from the news scene? I know that there were less (more or less no) activity the last years (sadly), but the activity at the moment is increasingly quite good. The new GIT repo of Carlos R.Mafra (which is not the official development repository of WindowMaker, this is located here) has initiated the development again and the developer mailinglist of WindowMaker receives emails again. ūüôā I use WindowMaker as long as I can remember using Linux, I have tested several other window managers and desktops during that time, but no other window manager has given me the feeling of WindowMaker and it’s my main “desktop” on my Core2Duo and on my small Eee 701. As you can see I’m not using WindowMaker because of his small size (I think it was about 3 – 4MB at all) or its very small ressource usage, I’m using it because it has great handling.

I have written in my last blog post, that there are some new features and bugfixes for outstanding bugs. I will try to summarize it for those who are interested in WindowMaker, because I think it’s more than worth to mention it:

  • Reduce¬†wakeups¬†to¬†zero: PowerTop claimed that WindowMaker wakeups 3-4 time/sec., it now uses the inotify mechanism
  • Switch panel in Xinerama mode fixed
  • Left¬†Half¬†/¬†Right¬†Half¬†Maximize: It¬†allows¬†you¬†to¬†maximize¬†a¬†window¬†to¬†only¬†the¬†left¬†or¬†right¬†half of¬†your¬†screen.
  • Maximus: Tiled Maximization
  • Fix¬†miniwindows¬†auto-arranging¬†bug
  • Support Xinerama in wmsetbg
  • Mac¬†OS¬†X-style¬†window¬†cycling (description here for those who don’t know how it works)
  • Several code cleanups and various other smaller and larger fixes

With all these development is going on, I really wonder why no news page has posted a news item about it. I know that the information isn’t posted on the front page of WindowMaker, but I think with a little bit reading the mailinglist you can get those information. All I can see are mostly just news about the big players on the desktop like KDE or GNOME, sometimes Xfce or LXDE, but there are not really much news about the small and very good window managers out there.

I hope that some people read this post and try WindowMaker from the above GIT repository. If you are running Arch Linux (most of the readers hopefully do ūüôā ) you can use the newly added package windowmaker-crm-git from [extra] which I have added three days ago. Further I hope that there will be some news again about WindowMaker more often than at the moment.

For those users who never used WindowMaker before, it’s different to the major desktop out there, so expect no start menu on the top or bottom of the screen. ūüėČ

Update: Martin Dietze mailed me that there is also an apt-repository for Debian (if you use it) with nightly builds of the GIT repository here.

  1. #1 by Jason Brower on 17. September 2009 - 06:29

    You got my vote. This window manager is awsome!

  2. #2 by Thiago on 17. September 2009 - 06:44

    hi arch and wmaker fella ūüôā
    I’m a windowmaker user also, and I really like that window manager.
    What do you use as backend for sound, hw recognition, etc ?


  3. #3 by ise on 17. September 2009 - 08:07

    @ Thiago
    Don’t know exactly what you mean as backend. I use alsa, hal/dbus, etc. for those tasks like every other desktop, too. Why should I use others, they works perfect and do their job.

  4. #4 by KaruppuSwamy.T on 20. September 2009 - 22:23

    thanks for this great post.. as coincidently i am alsa a archlinux + window maker fan. But currently I am using GNOME on my laptop. Though I am not using it right now, I often try WMaker. It is a awesome desktop. Since archlinux is my laptop, let me check it out.

  5. #5 by KaruppuSwamy.T on 20. September 2009 - 22:25

    Type error – It is a awesome [NOT desktop], Window manager with high usability and all fancy stuff.

  6. #6 by Timo Juhani Lindfors on 5. September 2010 - 09:52

    This might sound odd but I’m actually happy that WindowMaker development is not fast. This means it works reliably and I don’t get surprises on upgrades ūüôā

    The only problem that I have with wmaker currently is that it is not possible to disable miniwindows of java applications running with openjdk (debian bug

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