New WindowMaker version for ArchLinux

Today I have added a new WindowMaker package (windowmaker-crm-git) to our [extra] repository. It’s compiled from the GIT repository of Carlos R. Mafra which is the most uptodate repository for WindowMaker source code. It has bugfixes for know issues and new features like Maximus which is “Tiled maximization”. There were several bugfixes for Xinerama setups and some code cleaning.

I will update the package regularly to reflect all the changes in the GIT repo. So if you use WindowMaker and you would like bugfixes and new features, install the new package and report bugs to the wmaker-developer-mailinglist, which is very active at the moment. I have tested the package and it’s more usable and stable than the windowmaker-0.92.0 package.

  1. #1 by Leandro on 14. September 2009 - 12:29

    Thanks for this package… x)

    Great job with Window Maker, i’ll test and report some possible issues that happen.

    Happy Arching!

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