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digikam as slim version

I had the problem that I don’t run KDE on my desktop, but I want use digikam as my photomanagement software. Since the update to 0.10.0 in the [extra] repository digikam depends on kdegraphics, kdepimlibs and kdebase-runtime. If you don’t run KDE that’s pretty much. So, I have created an alternativate package called digikam-slim. It only depends on the library which are necessary, these are kdelibs, libkdcraw, libkexiv2 and libkipi. Further I have created a second package called kipi-plugins-slim, which also depends only on the libraries above. So you can now use digikam without using all the stuff which comes with kdegraphics, kdebase-runtime and kdepimlibs on your non-KDE desktop.

You can found those packages on the AUR:
libkipi (
libkexiv2 (
libkdcraw (
digikam-slim (
kipi-plugins-slim (

Maybe you have to change the KDE theme or your Qt theme to fit your needs. I have set my KDE and Qt theme to GTK+.



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PKGBUILD for OpenClipart (daily version)

I have uploaded a PKGBUILD for OpenClipart (daily package) to the AUR. My other older PKGBUILD for OpenClipart targets the release 0.18 which is from 2005. This (new) version is taken from the daily snapshot of OpenClipart, so you will have a lot more and new cliparts. Today they include about 12000 new cliparts!

There is just one small negative point. The daily snapshot is not seperated in categories, so all cliparts are in one big category. I hope that the OpenClipart team will release a new version very soon, so that there will be categories with the new cliparts again.

Nevertheless, have fun with the new cliparts. If anyone knows, how to split the cliparts in seperate categories (like the old one), let me know.


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